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800HighTech’s History

Here at 800Hightech.com we have always looked for ways to improve the services we provide. In 1996 we started this business selling ONLY custom computers financed shipped worldwide. Our shipping, service and support was not that special in the beginning as we just copied what the biggest companies did. However, we lived and worked overseas with our customers, and even helped to set-up computers in military homes in Germany, England, Korea and Japan. We saw firsthand how our packaging held up and how our computers worked right out of the box. 

Quickly from these observations and customer complaints we learned what was NOT being offered by the “big guys” or by anyone else for that matter and we knew exactly what we had to do to become “The right choice for U.S. Military”. We started with no money down financing, shipping our products worldwide, and since 1996 we added the hottest laptops on the market, registered insured shipping to APO addresses, 30 day replacement on any item lost or stolen in shipping, satisfaction guarantee NO questions asked, onsite warranty, service & support worldwide including lifetime phone technical support. Finally we offered interest rebates for balances paid within one year. Today 800hightech offers every type of consumer electronics on the market.

We Just Got Bigger and Better

Many of the products we have on our website are items that were originally requested by you our customers and then added to our website product line. This business was literally built to order by our customers serving their needs as best we could at every opportunity one customer at a time.

We know that providing the best and newest products in the electronics industry is important, so we are always adding products to make sure when you visit 800hightech.com you will find whatever you are looking for. I you do not find what you want we have added a simple custom request form on our website so you can let us know what that is and we will see IF we can get it for you!

To help meet the increasing requests of our customers we have added several new categories of products that have been asked for most often.

As you can now see we have added Household Goods, Sporting Goods and Musical Insturments sections.

Why Order From 800HighTech.com

You may ask yourself why would I order something other than electronics from 800hightech.com and the answer is simple,

#1 Best Military Financing

We offer the same great financing we offered in 1996 except our current interest rate is lower; MUCH lower currently at 10% APR. If you pay off your balance in one year the interest is refunded. It would be hard to beat that financing anywhere with excellent credit.

#2 Best Customer Service

We offer the same great customer service that has been our custom from the beginning. This service in these new areas will evolve as we discover the problems customers encounter ordering this type of merchandise online and address them as they come up.

#3 Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is guaranteed from the same people who have run 800HighTech for 14 years.

Thanks To Customers Like You

The main reason we have grown each year is that we keep our customers by listening to their problems and meeting their needs. Over our years serving the U.S. Military 40% of our business is from returning satisfied customers and this is something 800hightech.com is proud of. During the last part of 2009 over 80% of our business came from our loyal customers who order from us again and again.

Read our satisfied military customer’s testimonials

No matter what it is you need financed whether it be a new laptop, appliance or a BBQ grill, 800hightech.com is the right choice for the US Military. Ordering with 800hightech.com has never been easier and we will continue to listen to our customer.

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We appreciate your business and look forward to meeting your family’s needs in all these areas.