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Computer Support IT Hardware RepairWe stand behind our products 100% and provide several methods of support. If you have any problems please contact us as soon as possible, so that we may correct the problem and you can get back to computing.

Our support team is a dedicated group that is committed to getting you the best support possible. We will get certified technicians from all major brands to assist with your support. Where the standard warranty and support stops, is where we come in. No matter what the problem or issue we will offer assistance above and beyond.

You will be requested to diagnose and contact the manufacture's support to verify the problem and solution. We can then assist with your options and provide you with solutions once we determine if your product is or isn't covered by the manufacture's warranty.

Policy and Warranty Information

Please familiarize yourself with the following policies and warranty information. It is a good idea to link, copy, download or print the information and keep it handy.

Policies and Warranties   

» Total Protect Policy
» Return and Repair Support Promises
» One Year Limited Parts and Labor Warranty

Support Methods

Online Help Desk

All customer who have completed an order or who register with us will be able to access their customer Help Desk. Here you can track and assign tickets to any questions you have. You can submit your questions directly to the department that best fits the subject, to have it quickly answered.

Contact Form

If you are not a customer and do not have an account with us yet, you can use our Contact Us Form for general inquires.

Toll Free Support Call

Our Toll Free Number is available from 7am - 7pm CST. If lines are busy you can leave a message and we will respond promply in the order it was received.

Our computers are carefully built, thoroughly tested, and packaged in accordance with USPS insurance regulations. We strive to ensure that each new system powers up problem-free, right away. Though rare, damage does occur occasionally during the shipping process. Should you experience such a problem, please accept my sincerest apologies. In addition, please note that if your computer suddenly "stops working properly" after several weeks of use, it is likely due to user error.

In either case, I assure you that our technicians will show you the utmost in courtesy and I ask that you respond similarly. If, however, you feel that you have been treated unfairly or if your problem was not addressed by our staff, please send me an e-mail via the Contact US Form with your phone number and the best time to call you. I will contact you personally to resolve your problem! However understand, honesty helps expedite correcting the error. We are here to help resolve your problem, not put you on trial. Computers offer any easy scapegoat in pointing blame, but drastically slows the support process. We will go well beyond for you, but we need your assistance in achieving this!

We at 800HighTech.com are eager to provide you with the best in technical support and customer service that goes well beyond any other computer company or store. If you have a problem, I promise that I will do everything possible to return you to "up and running" as soon as possible.