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800HighTech Military Newsletter Archive


HighTech EDGE Military Newsletter


Below is a catalog archive of our 800HighTech Newsletters the HighTech Edge listed from most recent to oldest.

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2012 Newsletters


MSI GT Gaming Laptops : July 25, 2012

Apple Macbook Pro Laptops: July 4, 2012

Diablo 3 Gaming Packages June 26, 2012

Military Payday Loans June 1, 2012

New Gaming PC : 5-25-12

Buy Now Pay Later New iPad 3 Financing : 4-15-12

March Madness Lucky Deals : 3-15-12

Hottest New Products : 2-15-12

Big Game : 1-25-12


2011 Newsletters


Military Online Shopping Discounts: 11-11-11

Military Coupons for the Holidays: 11-1-11

Buy Now Pay Later Furniture Financing: 10-1-11

Hot Promo Deals for Military Discounts: 9-1-11

Buy Now Pay Later Computers: 8-1-11

Best Tablets and iPads: 5-1-11

Hottest New Products: 4-1-11

New Apple iPad 2: 3-1-11


2010 Newsletters


Winter Discount Electronic Sales: 12-14-10

Military House Hold Furniture Deals and Discounts: 10-25-10

Military Deals and Discounts: 10-10-10

Free Apple iPad Winner: 9-11-10

Military Sales Online Discounts and Coupons: 8-16-10

Free Apple iPad Military Deal: 8-1-10

New High Tech Gear: 7-26-10

Military Independence Day Sale: 7-4-10

E-2 Enlisted Military Package Coupon: 6-28-10

E-1 Enlisted Military Package Coupon: 6-24-10

Military Summer Special Discounts: 6-10-10

Free Apple iPad Winner: 5-10-10

Military High Tech Hot Deals: 4-25-10

Hot Products for Military Financed: 4-12-10

New Free Apple iPad: 4-5-10

Military $1500 Discount Packages: 3-18-10

Military CES Product Updates: 2-16-10

Military Account Update: 1-25-10

Facebook Promotion: 1-20-10

Economy Update: 1-15-10

Christmas and New Years Promotion: 1-5-10


2009 Newsletters


Holiday Season: 12-09-09

Holidays Around The Corner: 11-23-09

Thanksgiving Issue: 11-7-09

Office 2007 Promotion: 11-1-09

Free Samsung 50 inch HDTV Winner: 10-1-09

Free Samsung 50 inch HDTV Raffle 9-7-09

New Computers and Laptops: 8-28-09

Military Credit and Financing: 8-1-09

Custom Computers and Laptops: 7-1-09

New Apple iPhone: 5-1-09

Custom Request Orders: 4-1-09


2008 Newsletters


Macbook Air Laptop: 3-1-08

iPod Shuffle Giveaway: 2-1-08

High Tech Edge Articles: 1-1-08


2007 Newsletters


Quad Core Gaming Laptop: 11-1-07


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