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800HighTech Reviews and Testimonials

Read below for comments from happy 800HIGHTECH customers. Do you see someone from your military community or someone that you know?

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Video Testimonials

"I wanted to write this email to tell you how much I appreciate the hard work you all do for us. At times we can forget that you deal with a lot of people every day and that you have a personal life as well.

Since the first time I started doing business with 800HighTech I have been impressed with the level of commitment that you have shown towards customer service.  I remember ordering my first laptop when I was in Okinawa. I ordered it to the exact specifications that I wanted and I thought this is going to take forever, however it did not.  Not only did I receive it very fast overseas but I was updated the entire process.  When I received my package it did more than I would ever need, I knew from that point on I would be a lifelong customer.

The second laptop computer I bought from you was an Alienware, I received the same type of service that I had received the first time, only this time the process was taking a little bit of time not because anything that 800HighTech was doing but because the parts that I wanted where delaying the build however you went above and beyond by not only sending me the laptop but you also included an iPod Nano and an Alienware backpack.  When I received my order it was over the top.  Great customer service does not begin to explain the level of dedication that you showed me!!! 

Then last week I decided to order a custom Alienware Laptop but I couldn’t just have a regular custom one I needed to have a specific one.  Well once again you went above and beyond and ordered the laptop for me within 24 hours of me contacting you,  you handled every concern I had and not only that but here I am 7 days later and I already have the Laptop.  Thank you for taking the time out to deal with me (The Customer) like if I was the only one you have it shows that people still have a sense of dedication to what they do!!!  You all are amazing!!!"

Semper Fi,

SSgt Fandino Isaac

First off 800HighTech You are A GOD! Okay now that's out of the way! I had ordered my laptop before last year from here and it came in no time! Well some time went by and an unfortunate accident happened to my BRAND NEW Laptop involving a party at my house and me waking up to a destroyed laptop.

First thing i did was pull my hard drives to make sure my data wasn't lost, then I called Support to see if we could get it fixed under warranty. Since it was still under warranty he said it wouldn't be a problem. We got the paper work all figured out and I shipped it back. I needed this Laptop back in good time because I was getting Deployed in the next like 3 weeks. . . Wasn't going to happen I know, But 800HighTech still worked with me and he made EVERY arrangement for me while I couldn't do it since I was leaving. They even had the it shipped back to them personally when it was done so they could personally make sure it made it to me in Afghanistan. Within a month of being in Theater I had my nice new Laptop ready for use like it was never destroyed!!!

I couldn't express my gratitude more then to just Say THANK YOU!!! To the 800HighTech team over there! I will be pushing as much costumers as I can to you!!!

Your Very Satisfied Costumer,

CPL Smith, Jeremiah
5-1 CAV Kandahar Afghanistan
US Army

"I wanted to say thanx alot. It made it to Iraq in less time then I thought. This is a great laptop, never what I expected. This laptop can do everything I need it to do and more. My deployment is going to be more enjoyable. I will recommend you to everyone that I know and I am definetly going to come back and order from you again. Thanx again 800HighTech."

FOB Warhorse, IRAQ

"A friend of mine and I were talking about computers and stuff and I had mentioned about needing a new laptop because my 2 year old son kept breaking my netbooks. I had gone through 3 netbooks in as many months and I needed a new computer. He asked me if I could have any computer I wanted what would I pick? Without hesitation I told him I wanted an Alienware laptop. I'd wanted one since I was a senior in High school but could never afford one. My friend then told me that he owned one and that he bought from 800HighTech. He showed me the website and I was hooked.

You guys were awesome in helping me get all the stuff I needed to get the laptop ordered built and shipped. The process took a lot less time than I expected. I got my laptop 2 days ago and I am VERY pleased with it. It blew my expectations out of the water."

Thank you guys so much!

A1C Keslar, Jonathan C.
McGure AFB

"Thank you so much for my laptop. I received it today and it was wrapped very nicely and i am very pleased so far with  the Sony Vaio. Thank you so much for your business! I plan to continue to do business with you guys in the future :  ) "

Have a blessed day!

Shakiya Harris
Vilseck, Germany

"HI! Thanks for the computer and iPod Touch is awesome! Everybody loved it and I referred on neighbor."

Fort Carson
U.S. Army


Between you and Sean, I have always loved doing business with you guys.

Out of all the businesses that I have gone thru, you guys are the ones that I have always came back to. Because your quality of service is more than excellent. Your products are always top-notch.  I always go on your site to see whats new and its always top-notch and good deals. You have had good packages lately which are tempting!"

Sal Rodriguez
Fort Lewis

"I just wanted to say you all have been a pleasure to work with! I received my laptop and love it! I have never had any problems with the products I have purchased from you guys. I am more than pleased with the service and products you all provide. Thank you so much!"


Kimberly E. Woosley, PS2, USN(FTS)
NOSC Charleston, SC

"I just wanted to write to you both and say "Thank You" for helping me purchase two new gaming computer systems.

Thank You Roy, for suggesting the computer package.

Thank You James, for checking with the vendor multiple times and keeping me informed about the status of my order.

I received them Monday, 1 March 2010, and have spent the last few days getting them set up. So far neither myself nor my wife, who got the second system, have had any issues with the computers. I've been able to transfer our old files, pictures, and videos and even email settings, contact lists also, to the new systems easily through the Home Network that took about three minutes to set up.

I've also been able to play one of my games at maxed out graphic settings with no lag and between 80 to 100 FPS (frames per second). This is a HUGE upgrade from my older system where I had the graphics set to bare minimum, had some lag and only got around 30 FPS.

In the future I will return to 800HighTech when I'm ready to accessorize, add-on or upgrade."


SSG Todd A. Bernard
US Army

"I just wanted to say thank you very much for the amazing laptop that I had ordered! It definitely met my expectations and then some! For a sailor like me whose life is mostly spent at sea, a mobile desktop type laptop is just what I needed. Technically speaking it's able to play all the recent games that are available in the market TODAY (that I play) at a rate that usually only desktops can provide! So again, I give my thanks for the staff at 800HighTech.com that has the abundance of patience to deal with my questions and answer them diligently. I will definitely always remember 800HighTech.com and will consider future purchases in the future as well as refering 800HighTech.com to my fellow shipmates as another option instead of just buying a laptop off the shelf."


Rollie Nick Avila Sia ET3(SW) USN
USS Blue Ridge LCC-19
Yokosuka, Japan

"Let me start by saying that I am a repeat customer. And I have never ever had any problems with 800hightech. They have always been very helpful. Just out of habit today I was looking at the site and decided to see if I could add on to my account. And within minutes, Roy Richards had contacted me and told me what he would be able to do for me. In a matter of 2 hours, I had all of the paperwork that was needed and my order was complete. I would just like to say thanks Roy and 800Hightech for the great service."

SSgt Erich D. Jamison

"I just wanted to write you a quick note, letting you know that I received my XBox today, Jan. 11, 2010. Thank you very much for the great console and the very very quick shipping. I can't wait to get the monitor so I can start gaming with my fellow soldiers. Thank you again. Have a good day."

"My tv and games arrived today, Jan. 12, 2010. I plan on gaming all night tonight. Thank you very much for such a great quality product and very fast shipping. We are sure to order more from your company in the future."

PFC JP Gerdeman

"I would like to thank everyone at 800HighTech, with special thanks to Christina for bearing with me, James for getting in contact with the companies, and can't forget Roy who started helping with getting everything I need to make this happen. I was happy to see that 800Hightech now did custom orders, so to speak. This gave me the chance to build the rig that I really wanted. This is a run down of what is included in my rig: Motherboard - EVGA 790i SLi FTW CPU - Intel Core 2 Quad core Q9550 (2.83GHz) HDD - main WD 74Gig Raptor, 2x Seagate 500Gig Memory - OCZ Flex DDR3 2x1 Gig Video - 3x EVGA GeForce GTX 285 1Gig Power - Thermaltake Tough Power 1200W Chassis - Thermaltake Xaser VI (I will be adding a water cooled system next month) My main usage for my rig is gaming, even though it is capable of much more. The rig I just built allows me to play Aion, newest and most detailed MMO out right now, at max video setting with little to no lag. I am greatly appreciative to the people at 800Hightech. Thanks guys! and Christina :P"

Bobby Johnson

"I just want to tell you how happy I am with my order. I love everything and the T.V. is great for my livingroom. Thanks for the help getting me approved and getting my order out to me as soon as possible. It has been a great experience dealing with 800HighTech and I will be back for years to come."

Thanks Again and Happy Holidays!

Latrice N. Baker

"I would like to take the time to thank you for the fantastic service i received throughout the ordering process for my recently delivered custom gaming pc. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I actually received upgraded components. Thank you, 800HighTech for your excellent service and obvious commitment to customer satisfaction. I look forward to enjoying my 'new toy' and also ordering from your website in the future."

With Great Esteem,

Senior Airman David P Gunn

"Thanks, great dealing with such dedicated people like yourself! I want to thank you guys there cause now my daughters have sleep overs all the time now and she is the most well known kid in her school now known as THE MOVIE THEATER GIRL"

Michael Marone

"I would just like to say that I have never been treated with so much priority from any business that I've made any purchases from, big or small. I would like to extend a big thank you to both Roy and James. These two individuals have been very professional and exceptionally thoughtful towards me in this transaction. I can promise you that I will be a returning customer in the future for any of my IT needs. These guys represent your company with integrity and conviction in what they say they'll do for a customer. This is not ubiquitous now a days in the business world. I can't imagine that anyone would have any trouble here, unless they brought it upon themselves. Thanks again guys, after a combat related injury that has put me in a very physically bad situation for the last six months, this has been one of the only things I can honestly say have brought my spirits up. Take care."

Very Respectfully,

SSgt. Adam Kozak
U.S. Air Force

"Got my computer. LOVE it!!!!! Thanks for everything!"

Misty McMurphy

"Thanks again for all the help and patience you had with me. This is my 3rd order with 800HighTech. You provide honest service to the the military community. Your products are of good quality and price. By the way the special order you special ordered for my daughter to play at church has been a blessing to many people. Pls share this note with Sean also. May you and family have a wonderful Holiday!"

Pastor William H. Fortune

"800HighTech Team,

I just wanted to thank you for all you hard work on our behalf! We have received both the ipod and the computer and LOVE both items! It has made our life soooo much easier. I am still waiting on the pink case but asume that you will let me know when that will ship! Thanks again for all your help and I will be referring our military friends and family to your site!"

Thank you so much,

Stephanie and Wendell Parks

"To whom it may concern,

James worked tirelessly for my husband and I when we were purchasing our laptops. When my husband found out that the tracking would put the laptops at our house the day after he was to deploy to Iraq he immediately called James. James called and had another order shipped out next day air for us to ensure my husband and I had our laptops before he deployed. Within 2 days we had our new laptops in hand and are more then satisfied with our purchase. We will be returning to 800HighTech for future purchases and hopefully have the pleasure working with James again. We have never had someone work so hard to help us in any purchase type situation. If we have any friends or family in need of electronics or a new PC I will make sure that I send them directly to James. It meant the world to us to have someone work so diligently to make sure we had our laptops so we could stay in touch during this deployment. I can't say it enough, Thanks again James!! Thanks once again 800HighTech, We will be returning customers in the future."

Present and Returning in the future,

SGT. John and Sarah Monroe
Fort Lewis, WA

"Just wanted to say that I got the computer and everything looks great!
Thanks a lot for your help."

Cooper PFC Eugene A

"Thanks for your prompt reply! Thank you for such excellent service.
Enjoy your weekend. God bless."


Myrna Llanos

"Thank you in advance for you hard work and constant satisfaction. I have enjoyed being a customer of 800HighTech and look forward to ordering more quality items from you in the future. Have a blessed day and thank you again!"

Jessika Mullen

"I would like you to know that Your help and service was excellent, and I'm going to recommend you to all my friends and family."

Again Thanks,

Henry Harle

"I would like to thank you all at 800HighTech. I am a returning customer and I just custom ordered the gaming desktop I have always wanted. I called and talked to Roy after I had all ready placed the order I decided I wanted to add a moniter to my order. Roy was very courtious and then he did something I did not expect. Roy hooked me up with a free moniter to go along with my desktop. I couldn't believe it THANK YOU Roy! I have and will continue to reccomend 800HighTech to all my friends."

Vince Rodriguez

"Thank you very much for your assistance.  It is always so easy to do business with your company and I really appreciate it."

Very Respectfully,

Apryl Balmir

"I thought my crappy credit never would have got approved but Thanks to 800HighTech I got a bad ass 3D custom built gaming computer with 500w sound system! 800HighTech took care of me every step of the way! Thanks Again!!!"

Troy Heidel

"I just got my computer this weekend and it is ROCKIN!! Thank you for all the AWESOME and FAST c ustomer support. You really make it easy and comforting to know that someone who knows about computers is a phone call away!"

Thanks again!!

Daniel Roland

"Dude this pacakage is sweet man thanks come down to va and ill get you a beer bro thanks again for the hook up!"


"The people from CEVA delivered my TV on Wednedsday morning on July 8, 2009. I really love my tv; it fits perfectly in my living room."


Felicia Catchings

Good day!

"Just wanted to thank you for the replacement on the video card failure.  You saved me tons of time in mailing it into the manufacturer, waiting for a replacement, and postage (every bit counts these days), and my system will be up and running with minimum down time!!!!  I could not have asked for better service, especially with you guys calling me back to keep me informed!!!  No manufacturer can or will do that!  In today's market, you guys are top notch, well ahead of the game making your customers first, keeping us up and running."

Thanks again

Mark S. Tomlin

"I called High Tech and was surprised at the friendly service. Roy was very helpful and quick about getting the computers that I needed. I am thoroughly pleased with how our deal went and was even more please when I received my computers faster then what we had talked about. Everything was in order and I cannot stress how happy I am with them. They always stayed in touch with me and walked me through each step. I am currently in the process of ordering more from High Tech and have recommended them to all of my friends."


"800HighTech has really been amazing to me. When I ordered my computer in 2007 I got exactly what I purchased. Sean and Roy are great people that will serve any of your needs. I also just recently as a repeat customer ordered a camera & blackberry phone to the exact specs I wanted. I will always be a customer of 800HighTech; trust & believe me. God bless and keep on working for the people."

Germaine C. Yancy
USS Taylor FFG 50
Mayport, Florida

To whom it may concern,

"I would like to say I got a number for 800hightech from my friend to apply for a laptop. My friend gave me Roys number and I called Roy to build my laptop. I would like to say that he was very helpful. He took the time to explain everything to me and did not hesitate to answer any all my questions. I would like to thank you and him for his professionalism and his humor. I would also like to thank you and him for his patience since I am ocd and most people get mad or frustrated with me since everything has to be perfect. He did not get mad or frustrated with me once and I really appreciate it. I also appreciate that he calls or texts me everyday to update me on my order. I just wanted to let you know he was the most professional, funny, and coolest representative I have ever had the pleasure to talk to and meet. Thank you for your time and a special thank you to Roy for all his help"


"I have had a great experience with high tech. tnere sales staff and personnel have been great. i will reccomend them to everyone. thanks hightech!!"
Kirk Maxwell

"Ok Thank you guys very much you have been a great help I will definitely recommend your company to others. thank you so much!"


"Hey just wanted to say thanks and i got all my stuff..
you sir are the man...thank you again.."
Jeremy J Whittemore, CIV USA NGB

"I just received the laptop and I got to say its pretty impressive thank you. Still really cant believe it came in. lol ... thanks again for the great service!!"

Sksn Gloria

"From start to finish the application process was easy and fast! Roy and James are great people. I highly recommend 800hightech.com to anyone looking for a great deal and great service on electronics. They even overnighted me my laptop when I told them I was going out of town so I would have it before I left, and they did it at NO EXTRA COST!!! It's too easy! I will certainly be a long time customer!"

Thanks again Roy and James!
Sean Smith

"This is just a brief testimony about the business and service that I have received from 800HighTech.

From the moment that I received the first email from them about the items that I wanted to purchase, they took me and treated me with the up most respect and got me approved quickly. I would highly recommend this company to many of my peers if they are looking for electronics.

Thanks Roy for all you have done to make this a smooth transaction. Once I was approved I received my merchandise within a couple of days and again it was well worth it. You guys are the greatest and I will gladly continue to do business with you in the near future."

Sean Miles

"I have attached the new allotments.  Thank you for the excellent customer service. Have a blessed day."

Misty Mikhelotti

"I called 800HighTech and was surprised at the friendly service. Roy was very helpful and quick about getting the computers that I needed. I am thoroughly pleased with how our deal went and was even more please when I received my computers faster then what we had talked about. Everything was in order and I cannot stress how happy I am with them. They always stayed in touch with me and walked me through each step. I am currently in the process of ordering more from High Tech and have recommended them to all of my friends."


"Recieved the computer and I am leaning towards the possibility that I love it more than my wife. Is great. Thanks again!!!"

Jarrod Chamberlain

"No more questions great customer service!"

Brian K. Wright

Good day!

"I Just wanted to thank you for the replacement on the video card failure.  You saved me tons of time in mailing it into the manufacturer, waiting for a replacement, and postage (every bit counts these days), and my system will be up and running with minimum down time!!!!  I could not have asked for better service, especially with you guys calling me back to keep me informed!!! 

No manufacturer can or will do that! 

In today's market, you guys are top notch, well ahead of the game making your customers first, keeping us up and running."

Thanks again....

Mark S. Tomlin

"The LAPTOP ROCKS! YAH everyone at work is like.... WHY DOES IT WEIGHT SO MUCH!? Im like well theres a whole lotta bad ass hardware all up in there so you need the room lol. Im already playing all my games high speed maxxed out everything and it works like a charm.

Trust me... this laptop made my LIFE. Not just my day!

Thanks great assistance for all the help and quick service you guys are AWESOME!"

Brandon Lapinska

"12% VS 22-24%!? You guys are life/money savers :D I'm definitely recommending you guys to my buddies. Thanks for the great service!"


ATAN Markus McCraney

"Hello Roy. How are you? The people from CEVA delivered my tv on Wednedsday morning on July 8, 2009. I really love my TV and it fits perfectly in my living room."


Felicia Catchings

"Well, I've purchased 3 laptop computers over the years from 800HighTech.com and it has helped me to own my dream computers right away when I didn't have the money to purchase them all at once.

My recent experience has been the most pleasant with excellent 24/7 cheerful service.

I got the computer of my dreams, even with upgrades and extras that I didn't even expect, like a newer videocard and the bluetooth media remote.  All my questions were answered promptly and accurately, and no matter how many questions I asked or how many changes I made, Mr. Richards was professional and eager to help every time.  It was truly a pleasure doing business with you."

Robert Sanders

"No rush at all. Thanks for doing this for me. As always, your company is the best, and I'll always come back to you guys."

Ricky Harter

"Thanks its been a pleasure working with you Roy. You will hear from me in the near future."

Take Care

SSgt Reginald Robinson, USAF ACC 9 AMXS/MXAAA

"Thank you for all your help with getting my laptop. I absolutely love it ... I told my friend about your site and he is going to look into buying a computer for his wife."

Thanks Again,

Amanda Gautreaux

"I was really apprehensive ... I was trying to find any kind of negativity - Didn't see any, and I think that while I am going to pay more for the computer in the long run, customer service that treats you like a friend is far exceeding even your biggest name competitors.  It makes a huge difference."

Nathan Acreman

"Great!  thank you so much!  that Pretty in Pink bundle is absolutely PERFECT!!! You're an angel!"

Miss Chris

"We have purchased two laptop from your company in the last 3 years. We love the quality product that you guys build. Thanks for the help."

Melissa Brinckman

"Thank U soo Much for ur help I think I got a AWESOME package for the price!"

Eric Ross

"By the way, very happy with my last purchase! The MacBook Pro is AWESOME!"

Michelle Flores

"I want to thank my sales rep, Jim Collins, for everything. I ordered a custome 3-D gaming compu ter and the experience from start to finish was a breeze! I wish buying everything could be this painless. Lots of personalized attention to exactly what I wanted and it was built and shipped quickly. I've been playing a week now and everything exceeds my expectations. Thanks again guys!"



"I recently bought the HP HDX from 800hightech.com and this thing is freaking awesome. I worked with Roy Richards and he really helped me out a lot getting the computer I wanted. The process was quick and painless, now I have my laptop and loven it. Thanks Roy!"

Sgt. Lopez

"Thank you for the greatest and fastest laptop. Fastness never looked so good!!!!!!"

Phillip R Snider

"Roy and The 800HighTech company, you have served me  well. The MacPac Pro Package arrived to me on time and with no problems. I  recommend this company to all in the service. These guys know there stuff and  will take care of your needs."

Once again Thank You!

Richie S.

"No problems. I am always getting quality merchandise from you guys, so I will continue to come back!"

Jessika Mullen

"Thank you for all your help and support. The computer and everything are just what I wanted. Look forward to working with you again in the future."


Steven Hill

"I received my computer a couple of weeks ago and I love it! Thank you for financing my dream gaming machine! I am a total tech geek myself so I am adding to it already now that I have the best tech on the market! I ordered a thermal elctric water cooler and the i7 920 overclocks to 4.2 Ghz like a dream! Thanks!"

Michael J Foster

"I never took the opportunity to express my sincere thanks when I made my last order and the most recent one also. I just wanted to thank you and Roy for your patience and guidance in helping me complete my orders.  On my first order, Roy was most helpful in making sure that I received everything I purchased and when I had problems with the shipping company not being able to deliver, he went out of his way to make sure everything was delivered.  Both you and Roy answered all of my questions even when it became overwhelming.  I thank all of you at 800 High Tech for superb customer service.  Thanks again!"

Very Respectfully,

Tammy Rogers

"I have been a customer of 800HIGHTECH for about 2005 when I ordered my first "gaming notebook". Being an avid PC gamer and quite a geek I was very picky with the components used, had I wanted a desktop I would have done it myself but notebooks are  different monster and I m happy I chose to trust in the expertise and great service that Sean and Roy have to offer. Needless to say, that system ran without a hitch and pumped out the graphics and applications like nothing.

Eventually the time came for me to upgrade again, I did not quite have to but it's my nature to always want the best parts and etc. I knew it was time to contact the 800HIGHTECH team again. This time I decided on an Alienware m17x with a dual graphics card configuration, at first the price was steep for this monolithic monster of a notebook, but with their help I was able to tweak the hardware specs to get a MUCH more powerful notebook PC while still keeping my monthly alloted payment at a reasonable rate. Yes the notebook is huge and heavy but the point is that I needed a PC that was quite portable to take on my 3rd deployment and the 800HIGHTECH team delivered. Since I have received this epic rig I have been playing the latest games in glorious 1200p yes 1200p and not 1080p, without the system even having a hiccup never dropping below 55-60 frames per second on most my games!

Now the only problem I had was a missing screw on the bottom which was there when I first un-boxed the beast, I probably had it jarred loose or whatever during transport here and there. I called Sean who then referred me to Roy and now I have not only a replacement screw but an entire set sent to me free of charge.

I always refer my friends or anyone that asks me about computers to 800HIGHTECH  as I am always consulted about that stuff in my unit as the resident geek"

Sean.....Roy, thank you very much!

Mike Netherton

"I will admit that I was very picky when I initially started looking to purchase a better laptop for myself, especially since the last company I ordered one from left me very disappointed. I must say though, the professionalism of the people at 800hightech blew my mind. Sean Brennan and Roy Richards were outstanding people to work with getting everything I wanted in my order. The process was very straight forward and easy to accomplish. Once I did receive my laptop, I was slightly struck to see I had made a mistake, and ordered one without an illuminated keyboard, a feature I really wanted, so I contacted Roy and he did everything in his power to get me one from Alienware, also free of charge no less. This was truelly shocking and definately made my day. I will have to say, being in the military I deal with a few companies similar to 800hightech, but nothing comes close to the customer service and just willingness to help that I received from you guys there. Once again, thank you for all your hard working in making my experience with you guys something I wont soon forget. Ill definately be doing more business in the future and will spread the word around about 800hightech to all my coworkers."
Sra Frank Soska, USAF

"I got my computer about 2 weeks ago and have been going high speed since. This is an awesome laptop. Better than even I expected. I like knowing that I have the best laptop in the barracks and its not even the very best you offer. Thanks for supporting my decision to get a laptop. Ill be sure to be coming back."

Elliott Adcock

"THANK YOU so much, Mr Brennan, for making this a smooth and enjoyable purchasing experience, I will happily refer my fellow soldiers to go through this site, with the excellent customer service I have recieved. Again, thank you."

Jordan R. Frazier

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for your wonderful service. My husband has needed a good computer for his photography work and we were not able to pay cash or get financed anywhere else. But after I contacted 800highTech we had his computer within two weeks and he is absolutely thrilled with it! You will definitely be receiving more business from us in the future! Thanks again."

Katherine Shanks

"I have been with 800 HighTech.com for 4 years now and I still have no complaints. I have been ordering upgrades for my current computer and they always give me a good deal on the parts. The shipping is excellent and the packaging is awesome. It totally protects you stuff from damage. I would recommend 800HighTech.com to anyone in the military looking for a serious system. They even help if you have less than perfect credit. I will be a customer till I retire."

SGT. Todd

"I thought that you all did very well on the customer service and the product was great. I got an e-mail that my computer was being shipped out to me and the very same day i got the computer. I have used it everyday sence I have gotten it . Thank you for everything you all were great."


"Wow!!! That's the only word that I can say about the quick service that Sean and the other staff members have given me. I love my notebook and it really fits me at home, work, and school. Thanks again Sean!!! Your a really great rep."


"Well i just like to say that the computer i got from you is outstanding.. And since i am now in charge of a couple guys, i send them right to u when the stand in awe of my monster of a machine.  There should be another guy..gary martin, i sent him your way too with a laptop order.. They are both my guys, and both are roommates, so i can;t have them yelling over whoses computer is better..lol.. thanks for all your help, and i will try to send as many as i can your way... i  think i mite have another one soon hitting u guys up..thanks again.. u guys are the best!!!"


"Thank you guys for everything, I just moved, and finally got to get into the PC good, and I love it. You guys are awesome, thanks for everything."

Cedric Lacy

"I received my computer and printer today. I totally and completely love this computer. It is everything I wanted and more. It only took 4 days for me to get it. That is very speedy service. Thanks again."

George Sunderland
Baumholder Germany

"I cant tell you how great these guys are I had a couple questions about the notebook I was interested in not only did I get a quick response but Sean even gave me a call to clarify the answer and help me out in every way he could! Couldn't ask for better customer support these guys are the perfect example of what every company should be like! Thanx Sean cant wait to get my Notebook!"

AB Matthew Harvey

I just got my laptop today and I am sitting here playing with it. Its awesome. The only thing I have noticed and make adjustments for is the fan will let you know when its not getting air. Which in my book is a good thing. Thank you so much for working with us to get the laptop that I wanted. My husband is still wishing he had been able to talk me into a desktop but I am just thoroughly thrilled with my new toy. You will be getting future purchases from us for accessories and maybe even a new computer I can guarantee you."

Steffanie Bass

"Hey Sean! I just wanted to tell you that this is the greatest computer around! I have shown everyone in the barracks this computer and I guarantee that you will have many more computer sales in the new future from second ID soldiers here in Korea! Thanks again for the great customer service and a great product! I would also like to know more information about your digital cameras and how I go about adding it to my order! Thanks again 800 High Tech!"

PFC Givens

"800Hightech, what a great company. You have allowed me to purchase a computer where it would of been very difficult for me to do, but you guys made it so easy. I was approved within one hour of applying and received my computer (executive elite/pro) within the month. Thank you so much."

PFC Veltman
Mosul, Iraq

"Sean, I just want to sincerely thank you for processing my order as quickly as possible.  I am very well pleased, overly excited to be exact, with the laptop.  It is my first laptop that I have ever owned, and from the looks of it, probably the only one that I will need for a long time.  Thank you for making this experience for me this exciting and I look forward to doing business with your company again (as soon as this one is paid off).  Thanks again!!"

Rod L. Smith, SSgt, USAF

"I have to say that I to was very impressed with the customer service that I received. My wife and I would like to say thank you VERY much for being patient with us. Your service was probably the best I have ever received through a retail business. My computer will be here tomorrow and I can hardly wait. I am almost certain that it will be above and beyond what I have been expecting much like the service you have given my wife and I. I will refer any I know that is looking to purchase a computer and is serving."


"I'm sorry i know im being a pain in the rear but can you switch my order from the AMD64 Supra to the CEO Special, it would be so appreciated! I would just like to extend a very being thank you for you and your company from me and my family for supporting us and helping us keep in contact with our family in the states. You have done so much for us in the little time that I've gotten to know your company! God Bless you and your company!"

Thank you,


"I just wanted to take a second to thank you for you patience. I know how difficult it can be at times dealing with surly customers. When most companies would have told me to go 'screw' myself and find somewhere else to get my computer from, you stood by and continued to offer 'Quality' customer service. You quick responses and solutions to the multiple problems with my order is what will guarantee 800Hightech.com's success in the future. Going above and beyond is something so very few companies pride themselves with anymore. You have shown why your company has thrived where so many others have failed. From a personal standpoint, thank you for all of your help and assistance and although I have not received my computer as of yet, I can guarantee I will be coming back to 800Hightech.com in the future and referring as many people as I can so that they can see what the 'Hype' is all about."


James Browning

"I just got my new computer and i have to say it is incredible. i can play doom 3 with everything maxed out with out any slowdown at all.even with other programs open! i need to thank SGT Todd for hooking me up with such a great system. I guess he even sent some more specs to you for others in the barracks. I will never buy from another company again."

PFC Albert Thomas

"Oh Man my new best friend, After dealing with the awesome customer service to build the computer I wanted, I then received it in the mail and was the happiest person in the world, I wanted a top of the line laptop with cutting edge graphics and that's exactly what I got, it was nice having support 24/7, now i have the computer I always wanted and its just so easy with 800 hightech, thank you 800 high tech for making my computer dream come true.."

Kenneth L Dawson, Kadena AB, JAPAN

"I'd just like to let you know that My laptop arrived Tuesday, AUG 10th. Only 4 days after being shipped on Friday August 6th. I am very pleased with my laptop and will recommend 800hightech.com to everyone who asks me where I got such an Awesome Laptop!"

SPC Matthew Dye
Giessen Germany

"I would julst like to say thank you so much for my laptop. I love the fact that everything was already installed. Even my name! Tha was awesome. I think that you are a great business man and that you take pride in your customers and what they want they do come first with you. Thank you again!!! Also, my refferal Sgt. Chad Martin received his laptop and he said he loved it also and to say thank you!!! Have a great day!"

Omar Yarbrough, e-2, TAJI, IRAQ

"I received the laptop it's great...the programs are awesome...Thanks a lot! it's got everything I wanted."

Akelia Francis, 35LRS, MISAWA AB, JAPAN

"My computer from 800hightech.com is GREAT!!! It is a very reliable machine. The laptop that I got has the newest and greatest hardware in it, which takes away any thought of having to upgrade anytime in the near future. The service was very friendly. Every question I asked was answered. I haven't needed to call support yet cuz I haven't needed it. The laptop has never given me trouble. I wish other companies computers were like that! Shipping time was excellent! In a matter of days after I got my allotment form in I was on my computer playing games, playing music, surfing the internet, and chatting with friends. Over all, I would recommend that everyone looking for a quality computer checks out 800hightech.com first thing. I wouldn't trade my computer for anything!!! When you get your computer you will know what I am talking about.."

Kenny Johnson
U.S. Army Soldier Camp Nimble Korea

"Hello this is James Lester I purchased a computer from 800hightech and it has been one the best computers I have seen or used for gaming even all the gamers I play with love it thanks for such a great computer."

James Lester, E-4, Camp Kyle, South Korea

"Wow! just 20 days and my LCDTVPC was here, this thing is awesome. Mike, Sean and the rest of the staff were absolutely fantastic to work with. Everything I wanted is in this computer and it looks great! Talk about performance, this thing is lightening fast. So many features I couldn't list them all here. The best part of all, just a few e-mails, a short chat with Mike Brennan on the phone, and my order was placed, confirmed and filled within 14 days, 5 days after that the postman delivered it. Now that's what I call GREAT service."

Dana Bovender, gs-11, Andersen Afb, Guam

"I really like the laptop a great deal and it serves my purpose very well. I've had zero problems since I received it more than a year ago."

Timothy Washington, E-7, Kunsan AB, South Korea

"After receiving my computer in the mail and only two weeks after placing the order, I was absolutely dumbfounded in its performance and outward appearance. It was everything I asked for and then the added features simply blew me away. I am truly grateful to have been referred to 800hightech for my next computer buy. I am so impressed that I plan to buy my next laptop from them this fall. If anyone on Okinawa would like to see their work first hand you can email me at [email protected] and I would be glad to show off my PC to the next potential buyer. Thanks to Mike and Casey, I now have a first class computer the way I wanted it built."

Clayton Schoepflin
Kadena AB, Japan

"I would just like to thank you again for you and your company's support. Your staff is very helpful and supportive. You should be proud of the individuals you have working with you. Some thing that I found that was quite remarkable was that I emailed you on a Saturday and I received a phone call from you on a Sunday, not an email which is quite impressive in my eyes. Being the CEO of the company I feel that you really put your customers first and that is important! Obviously you know what it takes to run a successful company. I am pleased and satisfied customer and hope to continue doing business with you and your company in the future! Again, THANK YOU!"

Tracy Thomas
Okinawa Japan

"My new laptop is my best friend! I take it everywhere I go. I mainly use it for entertainment purposes and it has played all my games and movies without fail! Customer service was great considering my inability to make a decision on which laptop I wanted. And being able to "customize" made it that much better! Great service + great product = happy customer!"

Dan Robinson

"This is the second time I have ordered a computer through your company, and I must say that I again stand amazed by your services. When I received the first computer, it was everything I had wanted, and more... The quality of the product was astounding. When my friends had seen the computer, they immediately felt like they got ripped off in their generic, factory produced computers. Combined with the warranty options and the amazing tech support, they soon saw how shallow in comparison their deals were. I ordered my second computer, for the simple fact that my wife has stolen my "baby" from me. Your service has been quick, and I am expecting my second one soon, with no doubt, as wonderful as the first. Thank you Mike and Sean, and the rest of the staff, for your magnificent effort in providing outstanding products, and superb support."

Arik Griesse

"Sean, I can't tell you enough how great a laptop you sold me. When I saw it on your website I knew it was good but I had no idea until I received it a week after ordering. Thanks for everything. This baby is beautiful as well as powerful. Thanks also for the great customer service given to me. Since I kept changing my mind on which laptop to get. Also thanks for the outstanding customer service you and Mike gave to me when my original choice couldn't be delivered in a timely manner. The best part about the whole thing is not only are the computers good but the support is excellent as well. You must have them both and 800HighTech.com has it all. Take Care. GOD Bless."

Ron (Ramstein A.B., Germany)

"The computer is great, I just couldn't believe how big a 21'' monitor was.. But The computer is awesome, just the way I ordered it. Fast and Furious. Keep up the good work!"

AZ2(AW) Yee, Derick H.

"This computer is simply awesome. i just got it today and im impressed. This is the BEST computer ive ever had or used. I love it."

Rodney Brown Ft Meade USA

"Well, I got my computer yesterday, and I could not be happier. You guys have done an awesome job of putting it together, and I must say that I received it really quick, and in perfect condition. I have since then found that it is very quick, and easy to use. I just wanted to thank you guys for the great service, and I will spread the word of your great service to anyone I get the chance. Once again, thank you for the great customer service, and very impressive computer."

Theodore Piskur

"I got it today and my good friend is showing me the handcraft of what this baby can do!! Man, you guys are [awesome] !! I never expected a laptop like this ever!! I mean I got the whole office looking and gawkin at my child!! Truly, a million thanx for just blessing me with this gift and for all the support in making sure she got here in korea!! You guys at 800hightech and the CEO are the standards!! I hope to hear from you guys real soon because I got like 5 people wanting the same thing, weird aint it?? But again, thanx for all you guys do and thanx for being so supportive."


"I would just like to give a big thanks to both of you for the outstanding support I received about 2 weeks ago. Casey, you're the man! I got the part 6 days after you mailed it and installed it. Booted up the computer and bam, everything worked. I only had to install a couple drivers that I believe I messed up when I was trying to troubleshoot the problem. Again you all have proved that my decision in buying your product was indeed a good one. Thanks again. I will be buying my next computer from 800Hightech and USA Systems."

Dexter Eadie USAF
Misawa AB Japan

"I can not thank Sean Brennan enough on how well I was treated and the quality of service he gave me. I came looking for a killer desktop then later just wanted to get certain pieces of hardware to update my current desktop. He helped me without hesitation. Thanks to you Sean I will have the gaming system I have always wanted."

SrA. Larry England
Barksdale AFB

"I would like to thank 800hightech for all their support and for being there for the customer. the service is the best that I have ever dealt with so continue the good work."

Wil Turner

"Just wanted to say how very satisfied with the computer, and personal service I received. I have purchased a computer from the 'BIG' manufacturer and have never been so satisfied To call the customer service and always get to speak to someone who cares is a treat. The tech support you provide is of the utmost quality. I must commend Casey for the personal service he provides. I recommended the company once and will continue to do so."

SPC Frank Karluk
Fort Indiantown Gap USA

"I just wanted to let you know how very satisfied with my computer and am very glad that I decided to do business with your company. I have had this computer since July and have had no problems with anything. I will definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for a computer."

SSG Matthew J. Connelly

"Sean and Mike, What can I say about my Laptop? How about Wow. This is my second Laptop That I have purchased from 800 High Tech. and I must say that the customer service is just as great if not better now than then. Mike you were so helpful in the answering any questions that I had. Sean you were great in keeping me informed as to o when it was ordered and then shipped. If anybody wants to e mail directly with questions feel free. [email protected]. As a military member I know how hard it is to get state side equipment shipped to an FPO-AP address, Mike and Sean you guys made this so Easy thank You .Once again 800 High Tech has more than met my explanations Thank You Mike and Sean you guys truly know what customer service means."

George P Carty

"First of all thank you for the support in obtaining my laptop. It was so beautiful that I didn't touch it for two days."

Darrell Jones

"Thanks for the custom system you built for me to my specs. Thanks for all the hard work you put into the process of getting it for me and concerns The computer was built to a very high standard, I can tell a lot of care and time went into the build and the computer is simply awesome. Its fast, none of my games can slow it down even with other windows running. Thanks a lot guys, you will be seeing future business."

Sgt. Jeff Todd
Camp Garry Owen Korea

"Hey Mike I just wanted to let you know that my computer is here except for one more package,the one with speakers in it,I am sure it will be here soon. I just wanted to thank you for getting the ball rolling once I finally came through on my end. I am so pleased with your company I am going to buy another one from you in another couple of months and also, I am going to tell all my friends about your company and how professional you are in your business. I am very pleased and will be doing more business with you soon. Anytime I need a computer or know someone that needs one I know where to shop."

Brian Richardson, Misawa AFB Japan

"Sean, I want to say thank you so much for helping me out with everything and I wan to say that you guys are great and I'm going to try to pass the word about you guys. Once again thank you."

David, Guam

"I just received the laptop I ordered. I was surprised how well everything was packaged. The computer itself is outstanding. Thank you much."

SGT Jones, Germany

"Mike, Our Laptop is great! We love it. We love all the features that were included. I can't say enough about it. Superb! Thanks again. Take care."

Randy Perkins
Kadena AFB Okinawa JP

"I was just want to express how impressed I am w/ this company I wasn't sure at first but than I received a call from Mike and to take the time to check up on the customers is a really great step in sales I feel like I made the best decision when purchasing this laptop I just want to say again thank you Mike."

Dana Woodard

"Hello Sean, I would like to thank you and your company for the excellent speedy service that I have received. My computer arrived on the 24th of FEB wow that was quick thanks again and keep up the good work!"

Robert Wilkins

"I got my Pentium Supra Laptop a couple of weeks ago and it's great. It came with a fully charged battery and was ready to go right out of the box. I am impressed with the quality, speed, and the personal service I've gotten from 800HighTech and will not hesitate to endorse you guys to anyone I know. Keep up the good work."

Robert Jones

"I just wanted to thank you for your help. This is my SECOND computer I have purchased from your company, and everything was how you explained it. I have recommended your site to many friends and coworkers, letting them know you guys help quickly and care about your customers. Again, thanks for the outstanding service."

Cpl Fijalkowski, Alan J,
Okinawa, Japan

"Just wanted to let you know we are so happy with our new computer. I was deployed to Kosovo when ours crashed. This was my only way to communicate with my family, so I was thrilled when my wife told me about your computer and the prices. I couldn't believe the deal we got, and how fast we received our computer. We have never had a problem with our computer, it runs great, and is everything we wanted and more. Thanks so much."

SGT. Jason Ditmer ,
Schweinfurt, Germany

"Thank you so much for the great computer I really love it!! It has the best sound system I've ever heard. The quality of the picture is terrific. Thank you also for the great customer service. I have been telling everyone I know about your web site."

SPC Martin, Shannon,
Fort Gordon Ga

"Hey Sean... This is an open letter of appreciation to you and your staff..... Over the past year or so, you and your staff have been incredibly helpful in all aspects dealing with my computer... Which by the way, is easily one of the best investments I have made in a good while. I have had absolutely no problems with it technically, and all the mundane questions I have had with it operation-wise, you have solved to my satisfaction. You have made it possible for me to easily fit it into my budget, yet still pay an affordable price... If there are others who are thinking of purchasing a desktop or laptop through you, please give me their email address so I can rid their skepticism and tell them honestly what a helpful organization you have been to me."

Brynn Maras,
Camp Lejume NC

"Hi Mike, I have enjoyed the computer your company has built for me. I've been meaning to e-mail you about how pleased I am. Thank you. I am very happy about my PC. Because you have built me great computer I need a great notebook. Please contact me by phone to build a another. Thanks very much, A loyal customer."

Jason McCary

"Gentlemen I received the computer back today. I've tested it out and everything works fine. I really appreciate the outstanding customer service that you have provided. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone that needs a computer. If I have any problems later, I will definitely contact you. Thanks again."

Dana Smith,
Okinawa Japan

"Got my computer 11 Dec 02, set it up, just as I ordered. PERFECT! Went on-line today 25 DEC 02, that set up was easy as well, with all the included documentation, every thing was, and still is easy. Telling people about 800HIGHTECH won't be a problem, since they can see the great gear I have. I will recommend you to any one that live overseas, or anywhere else, this is a great company, service is outstanding, the people will go out of their way to help. Keep it up."

Mario L. Cowling
Zama Japan

"I was in search of the perfect gift for my wife. She had expressed a desire to own a laptop, however, finding one that was affordable was proving difficult. I then received a post card from 800Hightech inviting me to add another item to my account. You see, I had bought a PC from Mike before so I figured that I couldn't go wrong. After talking to Mike again we were able to get all of my additional paperwork done in a very short time and my wife got her laptop about 2 weeks later. The quality of the product provided and the speed with which it came has made my life a little happier."

Bilal Wilson
Okinawa Japan

:: Highlight of a support email exchange ::

- Tech Support -
Hello Brian,

My name is Casey, the tech-support for your computer. I have called you twice, but you are not at home. I think the best way is to write to you.

Let me ask some questions?

Did you see display on your monitor?
Did you hear "beep" sound from the computer?
What is your local voltage outlet 110V or 220V? We have set the computer to 220V, the switch is in the back. If you have 110V outlet at you house, you need to switch back to 110V.

Let me know please, so I can help you to solve the problem.

- Customer -
"I'm sorry that you couldn't reach me at home. I am kind of busy, and our time difference makes it hard for me to know what time it is in different states. I remember the paper that came in the box with my computer saying that it was set to 220. So I had looked into what voltage is in my dorm room, and it was 110V. So I changed it to the correct setting and it is running strong. I would like to thank you guys for making such quality computers, and best yet, computers that are fully upgradeable. Its hard to find that these days. I am more than satisfied with your product, and for 800 High Tech helping me get it. Is it ok if I save your email so I can write you if I ever have any more problems?? Thank you for your assistance."

Brian L Smith II

"I would just like to say, I am very pleased with the sales and services of 800 High Tech. I have received the new laptop...it is a gift for my husband so I haven't looked at everything yet but form the initial look over I am very pleased. I also want to say that the calls and emails to keep me abreast of the progress of my order were very professional. Keep up the good work....."

Sewanna Griddle
Ramstein Germany

"I've been interested for the longest time in purchasing a laptop and I couldn't find the right computer plus the right people to do business with...Im glad I found one. Sean Brennan was AWESOME he was quick in response and helped me complete everything. His customer service is OUTSTANDING. As for your computers, well I cant wait to get mine, I know I'll be satisfied. Again THANKS A BUNCH!! I'll be recommending some people to you. Thank you Sean!! "

B 2-1 ADA, TF 3-43

"I needed a new computer and contacted Mr. Mike Brennan. What a straight up guy, comes right out and tells you what he can do for you and what he has.... Tells you what the other companies offer and why he is different. I was a little apprehensive at first because he comes on so strong but everything he claimed came through exactly as he claimed it. I am totally satisfied with my laptop, actually I got more than I thought -- specs and reality are different but I sure am happy. I waited for about 4 months before sending this in just to be sure of the dependability and I have to say this is the first laptop that I have had (out of 8) that I have had no trouble with at all. Everything works better than expected. I tell anyone who is looking for a computer about 800HIGHTECH.COM, it's the best straight up deal for the best product and I haven't heard a complaint yet. I know where I'll be calling when it's time to upgrade to another laptop---Mr. Mike Brennan. Thanks 800HIGHTECH."

William Charron

"Hello Sean and Mike.... Michael Javick here. Just a quick note to express our appreciation to everyone at "800hightech" for the great products and personal service ! My children-Linda & Charlie and I are very happy with our "three" PC's supplied by 800Hightech! Sincerely the Javick family: Michael, Linda & Charlie."

Mr. Michael Javick

"Just wanted to say we love our computer. And have had nothing but 100% customer service. And we even sent a riend to you and he should be getting his system soon."

Dale E. Robinson

"I just wanted to let you know that the computer reached here faster than I imagined possible and it was totally set up. You guys work fast and efficiently and I've recommended you to everyone I know. Thank you for letting me do business with you. It is my pleasure."

Sasebo, Japan

"Hey Mike, Just received the CEO Special laptop yesterday, and the only word I have for this machine is, AWSOME!!!! The Radeon M 9000 is a seriously wicked GPU. I ran that sucker thru 3Dmarks2001SE and it scored a 7500. My homebuilt PC which has a GF3 Ti200 with 128ram only scores around 6000. I am playing UT2003 on it and the graphics is just,,,AWESOME!!! This laptop is truly a beast. I LOVE THIS System, it basically beats out my home PC in everyway. Thanks for setting this one up for me."

Eric A US Coast Guard

"I just received my notebook in the mail. It only took 4 business days from the time that I received the email saying that it shipped and I am in Korea! I just wanted to let you know that it is the best computer that I have owned since I was 10! Not only does it have every feature that I have been looking for, but dealing with 800 Hightech has been a pleasure! I have told everyone in my company about your products and how great it has been to work with you. I am surely going to do as much business as I can with 800 Hightech!"

Erik Osterman

"We love the computer we have now, so we are very happy with your service. We look forward to doing more business with you in the near future. By the way, I told a friend about you guys. He should be doing the app online soon with you. Take care and thank you."

Antonio Allah Hanau

"800hightech are good people. Roy and Sean have always helped me out with whatever I need. Any issues that I have (rarely), it is resolved immediately. Through out my deployments, I have always had faith in the quality and customer service in 800hightech. The detailed explanation of each item has always helped me on making the right choices from the reasonable prices to the technical details."

Thanks for the email, you guys are awesom!

SGT Salvador Rodriguez

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for being so helpful. I have at least 4 friends that are looking for computers and I'll be more than happy to pass on how professional and helpful your company is."

Monte' L. Warner
Camp Casey in Korea

"Hey Sean, Larry Brinkley here! and I wanted to take a few minutes to say thank you so much for all your help with purchasing my new computer. The PC works great! You were extremely helpful and very efficient in expediting my order. I would like to purchase a printer and a laptop in the near future with you & 800Hightech. Thanks a ton."

Larry Brinkley
US Army-Europe

"Thank you for bringing this to my attention and for working with me on the purchase of a new computer. Your company has the best customer service I have ever dealt with. Once again, thank you."

SGT John Kalvy Thompson
Camp Casey Korea

"Hey Mike I just wanted to let you know that all 7 referrals from me are happy with there system and they could not ask for more or for a better service."

Hector Santiago

"I've been as happy as I could be with the product. Runs like a champ, came with more RAM than advertised as a no cost upgrade, and you made the purchase process painless and quick."


"The Lap Top is doing GREAT! The wife and some friends were really impressed with it and it looks like I might have some business for 800hightech here. Thanks alot for everything."


"Thanks for getting my problem taken care of. Your company handles things in a honest professional manner and it is greatly appreciated."


"Hey Mike, How are you? I am doing just fine. Just a letter to let you know that I got my computer on the 4th. I have already got internet and everything. I love it and really happy with it. LeRobert wanted me to ask you about a spare battery, he said that he recommended me to you and another guy too that is a prospective buyer, he just wanted to see if you could hook him up with something. (Joking or not I don't know.) Thank you for everything that you have done for me and also for your patience with me. I will keep in touch from time to time. Thanks!"

Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan

"I let some of our computer guys look at it and they were amazed. And, I will be bringing you some more business. Everybody wants one. The only thing is they are leaving here in about a month. But I did give them your number and email address, so they can contact you. Thank you for everything."

Duane Lee,
Futenma Air Station
Okinawa, Japan

"Thanks for the excellent pc you have send to me, I'm very satisfied with it. The service I have obtained with you has been great. I would like to have some information about cd writers and materials like that. Please send me information. One more time, thank you for the service and the quality of the pc you have sent to me."

Rafael O. Sandoval, Camp Walker South Korea

"The service I have received from 800HIGHTECH is in one word: excellent. My computer arrived in less than three weeks!"

SPC Tonya Lewis
Stationed in Kitzingen, Germany

"I have had my 800HIGHTECH Computer since December of '98 and it's still running strong. I've referred a few of my friends since then and they love their computers too."

SSG Keith Roach Stationed in Ansbach Germany

".....I've been as happy as I could be with the product. Runs like a champ, came with more RAM than advertised as a no cost upgrade, and you made the purchase process painless and quick."


"I applied for my system on the 10th of December '99. I was approved and had my computer ordered on the 12th. The computer arrived on the 24th. It only took 14 days altogether for the whole process."

SPC Robert Stiebler stationed in Kaiserslautern, Germany

"The representative that sold me my computer was very professional. He even helped me out a few times after I got my computer."

SPC Thomas Bradford stationed in Hanau, Germany

"I really am happy with my computer. It was easy to setup and it's easy to use. With my payment being on allotment, I don't even miss the money. I am a very satisfied customer."

Christine Garcia stationed at Camp Foster in Okinawa, Japan

"I like it. You guys sold me a good computer."

Mrs. Cheryl Morgan stationed in Hanau, Germany

"Ordering my computer from 800HIGHTECH was easy and convenient. I am satisfied with my computer and their service. I 'm glad I ordered from 800HIGHTECH and plan to do it again."

SPC Michael Huff stationed in Ansbach, Germany

"I know computers. I have had my system now for 10 months and have always been completely satisfied. I had a problem with my modem and I was sent a replacement within 24 hours."

Chad Hutson stationed at Kadena AFB, Japan

"The only problem we have had with our new computer is that my Husband spends a little too much time on it."

Ruth Johnson stationed in Wiesbaden, Germany

"Our 800HIGHTECH Computer is awesome. We love it and you can put that on your website!"

Jeremy Dungan stationed at Camp Foster in Okinawa, Japan

"Mike is the absolute greatest salesperson I have ever dealt with. I purchased my system almost a year ago and he still puts up with me. I don't know how I would have survived here without my new toy. Thanks to everyone, with an added extra thanks to Mike."

Justin S. Simpson