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At 800HighTech we are the #1 Choice for U.S. Military and provide exceptional service and support that goes above and beyond the competitors. We provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all product, FREE Shipping to FPO APO Military P.O. Boxes, and extensive on site warranty and phone computer support. We have been in this business since 1996, lived with the military community, and do our job well. If you should have ANY problems, questions, comments, and/or suggestions we would love to hear from you!

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Telephone Contact 800HighTech.com

These numbers are not tech support they are for our sales and administration. However if you call tech support during the support hours and you are not taken care of, get the name of your tech and contact us immediately using the numbers below. From Europe this will be easy from the Pacific a bit harder. BUT we have toll free numbers to make it easier for you to contact us. You must use a (pay phone, civilian phone etc not A MILITARY phone) AND then try all the numbers. One should work :)

These numbers may not work from your base phone, but should from a payphone or any civilian phone. If you don't know what phone company provides the service from where you are, try all the prefixes it's free!

Finally if you tell us which number works for you we can share that info with others. We cannot know that from here unless you tell us. If you use the contact us form with your info we will not forget it.

International Toll Free:

Japan Toll Free:
KDD - 001-800 4444-8324
IDC - 0061-800 4444-8324
JTC - 0041-800 4444-8324
JTC - 00531-127 398

Korea Toll Free:
(Must use off-base phone: card pay phones best)
Korea Telecom - 001-800-4444-8324
Dacom - 002-800-4444-8324
Dacom - 00308-12-0251

(MCI Worldcom toll free please report if it does not work)

United States

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