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Starting An Allotment

You are opening a new savings account for yourself and allotting money from your current military pay to that account. Upon receipt of your deposit each month the new savings bank records the amount received and makes your payment after we provide proof of shipment. This is the safest arrangement possible as the bank helps you to track your balance and protect your credit. After you finish creating and starting the allotment you must upload a copy.

Required myPay Documents

After choosing or building the perfect computer please follow these steps to complete your order. In your control panel you can view the current status of your order, and see the documents yet to be completed.

The following documents are all available on the MyPay website easily accessed at the link below. Your LES and NET PAY (EFT) are already available to be copied and e-mailed or faxed BUT the allotment must be created and started by you. Click Here to learn more on how to submit your required myPay Documents.

Leave and Earning Statement (LES)

You will need to submit an End Of Month copy of your Leave and Earning Statement (LES) to us. You can view and print your Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) on-line at the myPay Website. You may access your LES from the "Main Menu" by clicking on the Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) option. If you have trouble reading the graphic version of your LES, you can click on the "Text Version" link. The text version of your LES lists all your LES pay data items in a single column. There are further instructions under "Help" on how to print your LES or Pay Statement. Send us a copy of your End of month LES. See send us your myPay documents below.

NET PAY Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Your NET PAY Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) displays your Current Direct Deposit Information for your Paycheck. Please send us a copy of your NET PAY (EFT). See send us your myPay documents below.

How To Create an Allotment

Below is the information needed to start the allotment. Creating and starting an allotment on the myPay website requires that you enter the following information. If you require any assistance please contact our Sales Team through the Help Desk or by calling Toll Free 1 800 204-5247

1. Log-on to the MyPay Website: https://mypay.dfas.mil/mypay.aspx

2. Select Allotments

3. Start a Savings Allotment

4. Routing Number: 083901650

5. Account Number: 4740 followed by your Social Security Number with no spaces or dashes

6. Allottee: Your Full Name

7. Allotee a Guardian: NO

8. Click Save One Time

9. Copy and Paste the Yes-or-No Confirmation Page into an Email and send to [email protected] or upload it to your Customer Account

How To Submit Your myPay Documents

Now that you have created and started your allotment, obtained copies of your LES and NET PAY (EFT) you are ready to complete your order. To do so please send copies of these MyPay documents in the way that is most convenient for you. You may do this one of three ways:

Upload To Your Customer Account

After you login, you will be automatically directed to the dashboard of your secure customer account. On that page you can easily select which document you wish to upload from the Required Tasks list. You can then upload the file to your account. Various formats are acceptable: doc, pdf, html, docx, odt, rtf, jpg, png. Once the file is uploaded, we will automatically be notified and your status will be displayed.

Send By Email

To send by PDF attached to an Email, select the Printer Friendly Version of your LES if you desire to print or save your LES. It requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Often, Acrobat Reader is already added to web browsers.

To copy and paste the information directly into an Email, login to the mypay website and pull up the document you want to email, then starting at the top left hand of the document left click your mouse and drag the mouse across the document to bottom right hand corner so the document is highlighted. Then on your keyboard hold the CTRL KEY and while holding, click on the C KEY, this will copy the document, nothing will appear on your display but it has been copied, then open an email and left click in the email where you would type a message and then Hold the CTRL KEY and while holding, click on the V KEY this will paste the document into the email.

Submit By Fax

Toll Free Fax Number: 1 866 828-6294
Download Fax Cover Sheet (right click and then save)

Please include a cover page stating how many pages are included, so that we can be sure we received all your documents. Saving as an HTML version you can print this document however, you may have to make adjustments to your margins in your browser Page Setup for optimal printing of the HTML version. If your LES or Pay Statement is cut off at any margin, go to the myPay Home Page to adjust the margins of your browser. Once the myPay Home Page is opened, access the "File" drop down menu and select "Page Setup". Within the "Page Setup" window, adjust the left and right margins to .25 inches and the top and bottom margins to .5 inches. If that does not solve the problem, click on the View menu, Select "Text Size", and click on medium. If you continue to have the problem after following the above instructions, click on the Tools menu, select "Internet Options", click the General Tab, click the Fonts button, select "Latin Based", select "Arial Narrow" or "New Times Roman" and click OK and click OK.