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A Quick Resource of Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

Please take the time to review our Frequently Asked Questions. We have been doing this since 1996 and most questions we receive are the same.

We prepared this list so customers can become more familar with the entire process and offer quick answers to their questions.

Before contacting our support team, please review this list first. This will offer you the quickest answer and keep our system working effciently.

If your question is not on this list, please log-in to your secure customer account and submit a ticket.




How do I get started?

The first step after finding a product you like is to fill out our Express Credit Application. You will only need to fill this out once and may obtain the price on any product after you have done so. This will not obligate you to buy anything. This information will be saved in you your user profile should you wish to return and resume shopping. You can update or edit this information at anytime! When you have finally selected your product and wish to complete your order we use this information so please be sure it is accurate. Entering false, inaccurate or misleading information could result in your application being denied.

Can I get financing despite having bad credit or no credit?

Yes, because getting people approved with no credit history is what we have done for 15 years. We are not a big company BUT rather a family business and we get to know our customers better than a bigger company could.

You will probably find us easier to do business with because you will speak only to your representative or Sean. However we do have lower credit limits and higher minimum payments for new accounts.

These limits and payments may be altered in unusual circumstances based on your income your spouse's income, length of time on job and credit history. Your representative must get authorization from our credit department change these requirements.

What if I don't receive a response? Have I been denied credit?

Absolutely not! Every applicant receives an E-mail response from the representative handling their application within 24/48 hours of having submitted their application every day of the week except Sunday. If you do not get a call or an E-mail then we were unable to reach you by phone or our Email/notification went to your junk mail. To prevent future Emails and notifications going to Junk please read our Email Whitelist Guide and add us to your save senders list.

NOTE: It is best to log-in to your secure customer account to check the status of your order and to read messages to ensure communication is maintained.

What if I cannot call or Email to complete an order?

We have the automated approval system that makes it possible for you to use our site and without phone or e-mails complete the process as long as you have Internet access. Simply apply and follow the prompts.

Will this purchase repair my credit?

No, we only sell products and extend credit. We are not a credit service organization nor are we acting as one. However, we do report to the credit bureaus on how you pay on this account. It will be reflected on your credit report. If you pay as agreed then that should have a positive effect on your credit score.

Do you guarantee financing and to finance my purchase?

No, we do not guarantee financing. We have been doing this since 1996 and in most cases can get you financed if anybody can and do it at a favorable rate. However, if you already have a relationship with your own finance company you may want to use them.

Why are your prices so high?

We charge more because you get more … much more!

For example shipping insured worldwide, satisfaction guaranteed or your money back, onsite warranty for one year, lifetime phone support, you can upgrade your 800HighTech order for the actual cost of the parts and that cost is added to your account, and our products are financed for one year at our price.

If you pay off your account in one year, this price is all you pay and any finance charges you have paid are refunded. If you require longer to pay it off the interest is charged at 10%.

80% of our sales last year were to existing customers so obviously we are doing something right. See what customers say.

Finally our computer is affordable with low monthly payments. Even if your credit is less than perfect you can have your order within weeks.

NO Risk, NO Worries, & NO Money Down!

Is my information safe with you?

Our site is secured by COMODO and their SSL EV Security Certificate appears on our site in the bottom right hand corner of every page. When you enter a secured section of the website, your address bar will turn green as well.

We hold a website identity assurance warranty of $250,000. This means that you are insured for up to $250,000 when relying on the information provided by IdAuthority on this site.

We do not sell trade or otherwise transfer your information. Please read our privacy policy to understand how we handle your personal data.

What is an example of a typical loan?

Your interest rate will be based on your location, however based on the highest interest rate; the following is a typical loan for $1,000.

This loan would require a total of 24 monthly payments of $51.39.



Why must I complete a credit application to get a quote?

The first step after finding a product you like is to fill out our Express Credit Application. You will only need to fill this out once and may obtain the price on any product after you have done so. This will not obligate you to buy anything.

This information will be saved in you your user profile should you wish to return and resume shopping. You can update or edit this information at anytime! When you have finally selected your product and wish to complete your order we use this information so please be sure it is accurate.

Entering false, inaccurate or misleading information could result in your application being denied.

No Credit? NO PROBLEM! We will offer financing with no money down and low monthly payments.

After I apply, what do I need to do?

After you apply AND have selected your product you will be prompted to log-in to the control panel and view your pending order/orders. After you click to view the details, you will see the steps to complete your order: Submit Your LES, Submit Your EFT, and create and submit your allotment Info or your bank account information to authorize us to debit your checking account if it is appropriate that we do so.

A representative will contact you via phone or e-mail to assist you through the entire process. You will receive a proposal confirming the specifications of the computer you desire, a confirmation of your financed price and minimum monthly payment based on your credit approval. When messages updating your information are available in your control panel, you will receive an Email notification to your in box.

How long does the entire process take?

Credit approval often takes only a day. However it may take longer depending on the day of the week you apply and the number of applications currently being evaluated. Once you are approved the rest of your paperwork can be completed in one or two days and that is entirely up to you.

After we have received your LES, Net EFT, and allotment or bank account information, and order and shipping to address confirmation; your order is processed and shipped. You can prevent unnecessary delays by making sure you've supplied us with all the necessary paperwork; for a list of what we need from you visit: Allotment Information

Why do you need relative references?

Relative references enable our collection department to get in touch with those customers who do not make their payments as agreed and refuse to answer our phone calls or e-mails. We require three such references, no exceptions.

You must tell us each relative's relationship to you (brother, sister, etc.) and provide us with their address and phone number. Your spouse may be listed as a reference. You may include your spouse's relatives as references only if your spouse is a co-applicant. Providing inaccurate information here will result in your application being denied.

What is a NET PAY EFT and why do you need it?

The Net Pay EFT is your direct deposit from from the MY pay website showing what bank and account where your checks are deposited.

We need the Net Pay EFT because believe it or not we do have customers who's allotments do not start on time and this way we have your checking account information so in the event your allotment does not start we can be sure to get paid and you do not get behind in your payments.

Why do I need to set up my allotment before being approved?

You do not have to do an allotment to get approved with 800HighTech. You may choose to provide us a 3 month history banks statements that shows an average balance of $1000.00 or 3 times the amount of your rent or mortgage. With this bank verification we can do an electronic deduction directly from your checking account. If you do not meet these requirements then you can get approved by doing a myPay allotment.

If I am not approved can I get my money back?

Yes you will get any payment made returned back to you if you are not approved.

Does the sale price on my Purchase Agreement include interest?

No, the sale prices on your Purchase Agreement DOES NOT include interest. However, if our customer pays off their entire balance within one year of the date on their purchase agreement 800HighTech will refund all the finance charges paid on that account. So if the account is paid within one year the price on the purchase agreement is all the customer will pay.

NOTE: We have arranged with certain finance companies (third party lenders) that if our customer pays off their entire balance within one year of the date on their purchase agreement the finance company will refund all the finance charges paid on that account. So if the account is paid within one year the price on the purchase agreement is all the customer will pay.

How do I findout the total price?

Apply for the item you are interested in and then follow the instructions to complete the application, a purchase agreement will be created with the total price and monthly payment on it.

Do you only finance U.S. Military?

No we do not finance only Military. We finance other government employees as well. If you are a DOD civilian a US Postal worker, in the US Coast Guard or retired from the military we can probably get you financed. If we can establish your income and ability to pay by some automatic method such as payroll deduction or from your bank account you may qualify for our financing.

How long does an Alienware order take?

It can take up to 10 days to build the machine. After your system is built it can take an additional 3-5 days to ship ups ground. Faster shipping is available on request.

Can I upgrade my purchase?

When you make your purchase you may upgrade your computer within the manufacturers limits technically and financially up to your credit limits with 800hightech. Also, we have a unique upgrade program where at anytime you may purchase upgrades for your computer for the actual cost of the parts and our techs will help by installing these updates at cost too if you cannot do it.. Obviously this option is reserved for customers who are paying on their account as agreed.

What will my interest rate be?

We offer no money down financing and your interest rate is determined by the state you reside in. Interest rates will vary between 6% and 21%. After completing an order, your sales representative will submit the complete details of your order.



What does my Order Status mean?

As you complete the ordering process we will update your order. You can check the status of your order anytime by logging in. Your Required Task List will also have status updates, and as you complete this list your Order Status will update. If you are unsure what your Order Status means, please use the list below:

You have just submitted a credit application for an order. Our sales team will contact you to help customize your order or add additional products. During this time you can begin to complete the Required Task list.

Pending - Required Documents:
You have some pending Required Tasks to complete or some of the information you already submitted is incomplete. Please review the Required Task List in your Customer Dashboard.

Pending - Purchase Agreement Signature:
The order you requested is finalize. Please click View Order and review the order to make sure all the updates, customization, and/or additional products are reflected. Review the terms and condition and then sign the Purchase Agreement at the bottom of the page.

Pending - Application Review:
Your completed Application was submitted to the Finance Department for review. This process can take up to 48 hours. If additional information is required, or when the results are received; our sales team will contact you.

Pending - Order Complete:
Congratulations, your order was approved. We have just sent you an Email requesting you to confirm your address while we prepare your order for shipping. Once we receive a confirmation from you, we will ship your order.

Pending - Order Submitted:
Your address was confirmed and we are now shipping your product. We will provide tracking information shortly.

Your order has been shipped.

Your tracking information has been provided.

Your order was cancelled. If you would like to open this order or order another product please contact our sales team.

Cancel - Changed Order:
This order was cancelled and will be replaced with another order.

Canceled - As per Customer Request:
Order canceled by the customer.

Canceled - Customer Not Responding:
We were unable to contact you to complete an open order. Please contact us if you would like to re-order.

Canceled - Stock Item Discontinued:
This order was cancelled because the product is no longer available or a newer version was available.

On Hold:
Your product is currently unavailable. Once the product is released you will be first in line to receive it. During this time you can complete the Required Tasks.

Does the merchandise that I purchase come with a warranty?

Yes, all merchandise that we offer comes with a standard Manufacturer's warranty, and technical support. The factory warranty period on all products is determined by each individual manufacturer. Unlike most sellers you may contact us directly about warranty repairs and depending on the problem we deal with the manufacturer on your behalf AND supplement factory warranties regularly. Please contact the manufacturer for more details about the warranty.

Why do I need your support instead of the manufacturer's?

That is a great question and in an ideal world you would not require additional support BUT most companies today do not make it easy to access support or allow you to use your warranty repair. Many times you will find that they will tell you why your issue is not covered by warranty, causing you to pay additional costs.

When you read the average warranties (if you are able to clearly understand the verbage they use), do you get the feeling they want to help? At least we have always heard complaints about warranties and support.

The manufcturer's business is to sell you a new product, so maybe bad support is part of their business plan.

Our plan has always been to have an order purchased from 800HighTech perform better and out last the same product purchased elsewhere. We hope the factory support will always take care of you BUT if it doesn't we will do our best even after your factory support or warranty have expired!

NOTE: Learn more about our Support and Total Protection Policy.

How long will you support my product?

We provide an onsite warranty for one year and lifetime technical support with every 800HighTech computer sold. On a case by case basis we do repairs well beyond the one year when a customer has a problem, needs help and asks nicely

NOTE: Please visit our testimonial page to see how we have handled support issues in the past.



How many payments will I have to make?

That's entirely up to you. We require only that you pay a monthly minimum to be determined by our credit department. If you'd like to pay more, or even pay off your entire balance at any time, you're free to do so without any penalty whatsoever. You can easily add upgrades and other purchases to your account at any time up to your credit limit.

I don't want to send my ID card, is there an alternate verification?

We need to establish your identity for our mutual protection.

If you are unable to send your ID card please send a copy of your Drivers license along with a copy of some additional document requested by your sales representative.



Do you ship to FPO APO or Combat Zones?

Many customers use 800HighTech.com because we have always shipped to APO/FPO addresses anywhere in the world. In order to offer this we must use the U.S. Postal Service and the Military Postal Service, which has no tracking system available. If you live there you already know that.

How will my order be shipped?

If your ship to address is in the US your order will be shipped by UPS. If your ship to address is an APO/FPO address we MUST use the USPS At 800HighTech.com all shipments are fully insured, so there is no risk of financial loss.

Domestic shipments are sent registered and tracking information will be provided. We accept full responsibility for the safe delivery of your merchandise wherever that may be. The merchandise does NOT come with insurance through us once you have received it.

NOTE: We are not liable if your merchandise is lost, stolen or damaged after delivery.. Please contact your insurance agent to determine whether you have home owners or renter's insurance that covers theft or loss of your personal property. If you don't have home owners or renter's insurance please contact the insurance company of your choice to obtain this type of insurance to protect your personal property.

Once I am approved how long will it take to receive my product?

It depends on the merchandise and the ship to address. If it is a preconfigured Item and we are shipping domestic then you should receive within 7 days. However if it is a custom build and shipped to an APO or FPO address it can take up to 30 days.

There are many variables here so if you need expedited shipping talk to your sales rep and they can help you find an item that suits your needs and can be shipped in a timely fashion.

Once it is shipped how long will it take me to receive my product?

Please read this carefully. Delivery times are different for domestic shipments via UPS and those sent overseas via USPS.

Domestic shipments via UPS can arrive the same day, but in some cases take up to 5 days to deliver. This will depend on the type of product you order with us. You can learn more about our Shipping or ask your sales representative during your purchase.

Normal delivery time using USPS is 7-14 days and you might check with your local military post office for current information on shipments to them. However, please keep in mind that delays may occur.

Although, we can offer every assurance that we will process and ship your order promptly, once it is in the hands of the shipper we have no control over its delivery.

You can help to avoid unnecessary delays by providing accurate and up-to-date shipping information on your application. We send you a notice when your item is shipped and tell you how it was shipped. If tracking is available in your area, the tracking numbers are also provided for monitoring.

If your package does not arrive as estimated please contact us immediately and we will try to assist from our end. You can always contact the shipper yourself for an update on your shipment.

Do you provide overnight shipping?

Standard shipping is included on all orders we can provide overnight shipping for an additional cost on domestic orders only.

What happens if my order is lost and how long before it's replaced?

Items lost or stolen using the USPS:

If in the rare case an item is lost or stolen, we will simply replace your item once you have filed a claim with the USPS. We will assist you with this and provide you a form. Postal regulations require us to wait 45 days and you must sign a USPS claim form.

NOTE: Please remember some orders may require an order to be shipped in separate boxes. It is not unusual for these boxes to arrive at separate dates. If you do not receive all of them at once, please allow a few more days for the rest to arrive.