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Military Financing

Being new in the military is probably much like beginning any new career, but with significant differences: new address, living arrangements, schedule and work hours, food and separation from family and friends. Then once you get used to the military there are new assignments, deployments, and low pay. When you finally manage some free time and want to buy something nice for yourself you have limited cash and no credit.

Beginning a career means establishing yourself on the job and establishing yourself financially. In early years many new to the military make unwise choices and start out with bad credit. If they are lucky they have little or no credit history. This makes it difficult when the time comes to make your first major purchase and apply for credit.

The Right Choice for U.S. Military

Satisfaction Guaranteed Military FinancingHaving a pay check that has to be stretched doesn’t mean you have go without the modern technology that enhances our life, provides education and entertainment, and allows us to communicate with family and friends no matter our location. We at 800HighTech finance U.S. Military and Civilian DOD even if they have some credit problems with Zero Money Down and a 100% 30-Day Satisfaction Guaranteed or a full refund with no questions asked!

If you take the time to look elsewhere you will find that the majority if not all leading big names won’t offer you credit. If by chance you do find someone who will extend you credit, they will charge a higher interest rate than 800HighTech and they will not offer an interest rebate if you pay off your purchase in one year.

OK, so now you found a place that has copied us on that BUT what about shipping, warranty repair, service, and support worldwide? What if your item is lost or stolen during shipping? How long will you have to wait for a replacement? 800HighTech.com has had all that covered for years with a long history of serving the special needs of U.S. military and their family members all over the world including combat zones. Read our Testimonials and see for yourself.

No other company comes close - We are the right choice for U.S. military!

Typical Loan

Your interest rate will be based on your location, however based on the highest interest rate; the following is a typical loan for $1,000. For this example, the loan would require a total of 24 monthly payments of $51.39.

We offer no money down financing and your interest rate is determined by the state you reside in. Interest rates will vary between 6% and 21%. After completing an order, your sales representative will submit the complete details of your order.

Extended Credit and Improved Credit Score

We offer to help E-1 start to establish good credit and begin with a responsible credit limit of $1500. By starting a new account with us, you are on the road to establishing your credit history. We report to credit bureaus, so by making on-time minimum monthly payments your credit score will improve. After paying off your first purchase within one year you will receive an Interest Rebate and a Increased Credit Limit without any change in your monthly payment. This limit will be based on your income and credit score at that time. We will always allow you to exercise the interest rebate IF you pay of any purchase within one year and we will always inform you as to the amount of payment you must make to qualify.

Interest Rebate

All purchases are entitled to our Interest Rebate promotion. If you pay-off your order in One-Year or less we will refund all interest paid! While other companies offer such promotions and then try their hardest not to actually give them, we WANT to reward our customers. We benefit when customers pay off order in one year. In addition, we offer extended credit with no change in monthly payment.

  * E-1 credit limits will be increased from $1500 to $4000 with no change in monthly payment if you meet the qualifications at that time. After 6 payments you can add anything from our E-2 section with no change in payment

  * E-2 credit limits will be increased from $2500 to $5800 with no change in monthly payment if you meet the qualifications at that time

Note: The total amount $1,500 reflects the amount you will pay after the Interest Rebate issued after paying off your order at $144 a month in one year. Failure to make the minimum payment on time or failing to completely pay off your balance within one year will result in interest rates not being refunded.

E-1 Discount Packages

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