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How To Make A Request

Although we keep our stored stocked with a wide arrange of products, we know that we might have missed something or our customers want to create a custom request. That's why we are flexible and help to customize each and every order. There is no request too small or big. Change specs, add additional products, or request something that is not on our website. To make this is as easy as possible, we have setup mutliple ways to do this. Pick the method that best works for you, and our sales department will do the rest!

All custom request are entitled to and include the following:

  • Superior Service & Customer Support
  • Lifetime Worldwide Technical Support
  • 10% Financing
  • World-Wide Shipping
  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Within 24-Hours of Submitting Your Quote
    Our Sales Department With Give You a Free Quote For Your Request

    Customer Shopping WishlistWishlist

    By using the Wishlist feature you can create a custom bundle of products from each of our store sections. As you add the product to your Wishlist you can leave comments next to it regarding the customization. If there are any additional products you would like to add that is not in our store, you can add this to the comments section as well. Once your Wishlist is complete, our Sales Department will respond within 48 Hours with a Free Quote.


    In order to use the Wishlist feature you must be a customer by registering. To use this featureIf you are already a customer, all you have to do is login, start shopping, and when ever you see a product you are interested in click "Add To Wishlist" link.

    The Wishlist will save to your customer account and can be modified at any time. You can visit your Wishlit by clicking "My Wishlist" link in the header or in your Account Dashboard.

    Customer Support Help DeskHelp Desk

    Our Help Desk is available to help you in any way and this includes helping to find the right product for you. Again, this feature is only available customers who register with us.

    After registering you can access the Help Desk by click the Help Desk link in the header (where the login box used to be) or in your Account Dashboard.

    Military Shopping Cart Checkout Add-onCheck-Out

    During Check-out you can easily comment on your order regarding any customization or additional items you would like to add. When your order comes in the Sales Deparment will make the requested updates and submit a new order for your review.

    TIP: This is actually the fastest way to complete a custom order. It allows you to begin the paperwork required, so once your order is finialized your application can quickly be sent for processing with all required documents.

    Military Toll Free Contact NumberToll-Free

    We are available to answer calls by phone and help with product selection. Although you will ultimately have to go back online to complete the required documents, we are happy to speak with you regarding making a purchase with us. Most answer can quickly be addressed online and we recommend doing so since our telephones can get busy.

    Military Toll Free Contact Information for Financing

    NOTE: For a complete list of international dialing codes to access our Toll Free Number, please visit our Contact Page or check with local telephon provider.

    Military Comment Contact FormContact Form

    If you are not yet a customer and do not wish to register you can still submit a custom request through our Contact Form. However, to get an accurate quote we recommend you registering. To get a finance price, you need to submit an application, so that we can review how much you can be approved for. It saves time registering for you and us.