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  1. Microsoft XBox 360

    Microsoft XBox 360

    Monthly: $43.00

    <b><font color="#669900"; style="text-transform:capitalize">:: General ::</font></b>

    <b>Type:</b> Game console
    <b>Weight:</b> 9.9 lbs
    <b>Height:</b> 3.25 in
    <b>Media Type:</b> DVD-ROM

    <b><font color="#669900"; style="text-transform:capitalize">:: Processor ::</font></b>

    <b>Type:</b> IBM PowerPC 3.2 GHz
    <b>Floating Point Performance:</b> 1000 GFLOPS

    <b><font color="#669900"; style="text-transform:capitalize">:: Memory / Storage ::</font></b>

    <b>RAM installed size:</b> 512 MB
    <b>Cache size:</b> 1 MB
    <b>HDD Capacity:</b> 20 GB

    <b><font color="#669900"; style="text-transform:capitalize">:: Video ::</font></b>

    <b>Video Output:</b> ATI Xbox 360 256-bit 2D/3D graphics acceleration
    <b>Video RAM installed:</b> 10 MB
    <b>Max resolution (external):</b> 1920 x 1080
    <b>Fill Rate:</b> 500 million triangles/sec

    <b><font color="#669900"; style="text-transform:capitalize">:: Memory ::</font></b>

    <b>Max supported RAM:</b> 512 MB
    <b>RAM technology:</b> GDDR3 SDRAM

    <b><font color="#669900"; style="text-transform:capitalize">:: Audio ::</font></b>

    <b>Sound Output Mode:</b> 16-bit:Surround Sound
    <b>Max sample rate:</b> 48 KHz

    <b><font color="#669900"; style="text-transform:capitalize">:: Input Device ::</font></b>

    <b>Input device type:</b> Game pad

    <b><font color="#669900"; style="text-transform:capitalize">:: Expansion / Connectivity ::</font></b>

    <b>Total free slots:</b> 2

    <b><font color="#669900"; style="text-transform:capitalize">:: Power ::</font></b>

    <b>Battery:</b> None

    <b><font color="#669900"; style="text-transform:capitalize">:: Connections ::</font></b>

    <b>Input/Output connections:</b> 1 x, 3 x, 1 x (RJ-45)
    <b>Expansion Slot(s) Total (Free):</b> 2 2 Installed Memory
  2. Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP)

    Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP)

    Monthly: $18.00

    <b><font color="#669900">:: General ::</font></b>

    <b>Type:</b> Game console
    <b>Weight:</b> 9.2 oz
    <b>Height:</b> 0.9 in
    <b>Width:</b> 6.7 in
    <b>Depth:</b> 2.9 in
    <b>Media Type:</b> UMD (Universal Media Disc)

    <b><font color="#669900">:: Processor ::</font></b>

    <b>Type:</b> 333 MHz
    <b>Data Width:</b> 128 bit

    <b><font color="#669900">:: Memory / Storage ::</font></b>

    <b>RAM installed size:</b> 32 MB
    <b>Cache size:</b> 4 MB

    <b><font color="#669900">:: Audio ::</font></b>

    <b>Sound Output Mode:</b> Stereo

    <b><font color="#669900">:: Input Device ::</font></b>

    <b>Input device type:</b> Game pad

    <b><font color="#669900">:: Display ::</font></b>

    <b>Type:</b> LCD display 4.3 in TFT active matrix Color Internal
    <b>Display (projector) type:</b> LCD display
    <b>Display resolution:</b> 130,560 pixels
    <b>Color support:</b> 24-bit (16.7 million colors)

    <b><font color="#669900">:: Power ::</font></b>

    <b>Battery:</b> 1 Game console battery Rechargeable Lithium ion

    <b><font color="#669900">:: Connections ::</font></b>

    <b>Input/Output connections:</b> 1 x Headphones / remote control, 1 x USB (Mini-USB Type B), 1 x DC power input
    <b>Cable(s) Included:</b> 1
    <b>Expansion Slot(s) Total (Free):</b> Memory Stick PRO Duo
  3. Sony PSP 3000 Gran Turismo Entertainment Pack

    Sony PSP 3000 Gran Turismo Entertainment Pack

    Monthly: $40.00

    <B>BUNDLE INCLUDES: PSP 3000 System / Gran Turismo Game / PlayStation Store Downloadable Movie Voucher / Sony MusicPass Voucher </B>
  4. Sony Limited Edition PSP Madden NFL 09 Entertainment Pack

    Sony Limited Edition PSP Madden NFL 09 Entertainment Pack

    Monthly: $29.00

    Product Features

    * 4.3" TFT-LCD widescreen with 480 x 272 resolution and 16.7 million colors provides sharp pictures and high-quality images
    * High-fidelity stereo audio delivers amazing sounds and noises
    * Designed to handle multiple applications, including games, music, video, communication and wireless networking
    * Activate wireless communications with infrastructure mode and connect up to 16 consoles in ad hoc mode
    * Supplies 64MB of internal system memory, twice as much as the previous edition of PSP
    * Madden NFL 09 lets you step into the world of pro football like you can experience only with the legendary John Madden
    * Improve your game while you play with the help of Intelligent Coach Tips that provide instant feedback
    * Call plays from any of three playbooks suited to your skill level
    * NFL: In Just One Play video combines sound, action and interviews for an inside look at the NFL
    * Featured players include Randy Moss, Reggie Wayne, Larry Fitzgerald, Braylon Edwards, Adrian Peterson, LaDainian Tomlinson, Antonio Cromartie and Ed Reed

  5. Sony PSP Ultimate Movie and Gaming Edition

    Sony PSP Ultimate Movie and Gaming Edition

    Monthly: $65.00

    -Pick any 5 games you want!
    -Movies 2 PSP Software
    -8 GB Memory Stick
    -System case
    -2 Game/UMD cases
    -Car charger
    -Screen Protectors
    -Transfers movies directly from your computer to your PSP via a USB connection
    -Enables you to watch

Items 1 to 5 of 24 total

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