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Bose 3-2-1

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Quick Overview

A Smarter Home Entertainment System

The Bose 3?2?1 GSX DVD home entertainment system is a complete -- and easy! -- way to enjoy music and movies with less equipment. Two Gemstone speaker arrays and a hideaway Acoustimass module thrill you with theater-like sound approaching that of traditional five-speaker systems. But here's the difference: There are no wires running to the back of your room. So, you're a fan of less equipment and less clutter? You'll love the Bose approach to your treasured, but unwieldy, music collection. The 3?2?1 GSX system digitally stores and organizes up to 200 hours of your favorite music -- making it instantaneously available to you anytime, without the hassle of loading and unloading CDs. The uMusic intelligent playback system actually listens to your musical choices and learns your preferences, then makes selections based on what you like. No more searching for CDs or deciding which tracks to listen to. No menus, no playlists, no computer. Whatever your mood, the uMusic system delivers just the songs you want to hear.
As Easy At 3-2-1

Want to add impact to your movies and music without impacting your room? Conventional home theater systems can be complicated. Five big speakers. A rack of bulky equipment. A tangle of wires. That's why Bose� designed the new 3-2-1 GSX DVD home entertainment system. Just two visible speakers and an Acoustimass� module deliver much of the home theater experience that other systems use five speakers to create. The Bose 3-2-1 GSX system features Gemstone� speaker arrays, which are 50 percent smaller than the original 3-2-1 speaker arrays, yet deliver a more powerful performance. New, enhanced performance makes movies, music and even TV sound more impactful. The newly redesigned, sleek media center includes a DVD/CD player, an AM/FM tuner, and the capacity to digitally store up to 200 hours of music. And now a new step-by-step setup disc makes the system even easier to install, and simple to use. A new universal remote lets you control your system and more. Experience the unique combination of simplicity and performance that Bose can deliver.
Videostage� 5 Decoding Circuitry

Bose's proprietary Videostage 5 decoding circuitry goes beyond conventional digital technology to bring new life to old movies and music. It gives you a surround sound experience from practically any source, including older media such as videotapes, stereo CDs, even mono TV programs. Advanced post-processing techniques automatically deliver a clear, on-screen audio center image and balanced surround sound, similar to that of a 5.1-encoded DVD. You'll enjoy a newfound presence and spaciousness to the performance, whatever the medium.
Gemstone Speaker Array Design

Patented Bose Gemstone speaker arrays with breakthrough TrueSpace� digital processing circuitry transform home entertainment into a dramatic sound experience. Bose's smallest, most powerful 3-2-1 system speaker arrays are half the size of the original 3-2-1 system's speakers. Proprietary Bose technology gives these small speakers the strength to produce the exciting depth and resonance of home theater sound. This patented Gemstone speaker array design works in concert with TrueSpace digital surround processing circuitry to deliver a spacious multi-channel presentation from just two visible speakers and a hideaway Acoustimass module. With a silver finish that complements the latest plasma and LCD televisions, these small speakers can blend easily into almost any home environment.
Acoustimass Module

The Bose Acoustimass module completes the package, providing the rumbling of a speeding train or the bellowing of a bassoon that brings movies and music to life. The Acoustimass module works in concert with the small speakers to deliver the full range of sound. The patented Bose design produces low frequencies for all channels with no audible distortion. When the module is tucked behind a curtain or chair, all of the sound seems to come directly from the two front speakers. Place it out of sight, and enjoy full, lifelike sound for all your home entertainment.
Mighty Media Center

The 3-2-1's integrated media center houses a progressive scan DVD/CD player and AM/FM tuner in an elegant design that blends easily into your home decor. The newly designed media center includes the DVD/CD player and tuner, and also three inputs for additional sources. It plays DVD video (including progressive scan formats), CD, CD-R, CD-RW, digital 5.1, and MP3 files on CD. The AM/FM portion of the media center includes 20 presets along with scan and seek capabilities. For late night movie enjoyment without bothering anyone, Bose Digital Dynamic Range� circuitry lets you enjoy movies, TV, and more at any listening level without losing the impact of sound effects that make movies exciting. Active electronic equalization provides a more natural sound, so you hear audio the way it was meant to be heard. There's even a sleep timer that automatically turns the system off after you turn in.
Included With Purchase

Media Center, 2 Gemstone Speakers, Acoustimass Module, 3-2-1 Universal Remote Control. Setup DVD, Antenna Stand, Stereo Cable, Video Cable, Speaker Cable, Module Cable, Rubber Feet For Acoustimass Module, Rubber Feet For Speakers, Batteries, AM Antenna, FM Antenna, 120V Power Cord, Quick Setup Guide.DVD Recorder/Receiver Combo

Bose 3-2-1

Product Description

Created by Bose, an innovator in home audio, the 3-2-1 GSX Home Theater System uses proprietary technology to make two small front speakers and a large sub-woofer (Acoustimass module) do what most systems require center and surround speakers for. With this stylish system you won't have to worry about cables and speakers cluttering up your room and will still enjoy excellent home theater sound that will leave your guests searching for the rear speakers.

Including the DVD/CD media center receiver, this system will store up to 200 hours of your favorite music digitally, as well as play SACDs, DVDs, VCDs, MP3 discs, and the radio.

With features like uMusic that smartly adjusts to your musical tastes, an included universal remote control, simple setup, elegant design, and more in this small package; you'll never dream of going back to bulky large speaker systems again.
Key Features

� Innovative Bose Speaker Array
With the 3-2-1 GSX System, you get the experience of a full home theater without speakers and cables overcrowding your room. The two small front Gemstone speakers give you the effects you might expect from having rear speakers.

� Single DVD/CD Media Center
This system has a built in media center that will digitally store up to 200 hours of music, play DVDs and CDs, as well as an AM/FM radio. It's intelligent too, learning your musical preferences and playing them more frequently. What more could you need?

� TrueSpace Sound
With TrueSpace digital processing circuitry, you get the spacious home theater experience with only two front speakers combined with the Acoustimass module.

� Acoustimass Module
Proprietary Bose technology makes this system small but powerful. The Acoustimass module works to produce low-frequency sound on all channels.

� Four Digital Inputs
To complement the audio and composite A/V inputs and outputs, this unit also features four digital inputs for high-quality digital components.

� IR Remote Control
You can control all your audio and video equipment with the included remote.

Additional Information

Monthly Price $79.00